Cell Phone Repair

 Cell Phone Repair


Cell Phone Repair

Let’s face it – our phones are more important to us that we care to admit. We’ve all screamed when it dropped on the sidewalk and split the screen (it’s not just us right?). Or that time we dropped it in the toilet after a night out with friends. And even that time our kids decided to bury the phone in the sandbox where we couldn’t find it for days or the time we flagged down a cab and we accidentally karate chopped our friend’s phone out of her hands – while we watched it sail through the air and break in front of the cab. No joke – that last story is this writer’s #cellphonefail#truestory and the friend waited two weeks for her repair shop to fix it.

So if one of the above stories is hitting a little too close to home – we have good news! We can fix your cell – no matter the make or model – just bring it in for an inspection today!

Cell Phone Repair Columbus Ohio is here to help you! We understand your cell phone is important and it has your whole life on it so we won’t make you wait for days until we can schedule you in! We provide you with fast, affordable, reliable and friendly service on all cell phone makes and models. With our multiple locations throughout Columbus, we make it even more convenient for you to schedule us around your life.

Check out our list of fixes below. We even provide helpful DIY tips to help save you money. But if those tips don’t work for your phone, chances are it needs a little more TLC from Cell Phone Repair Columbus Ohio’s specialists. Simply phone us or fill out the free price quote in the form at the bottom of the page.

What’s even better – all of our expertly crafted work is guaranteed just to give you extra piece of mind after leave us with your fixed phone.

We can help you with the following issues. But if you don’t see what you need, let us know! Our specialists can point you in the right direction!

  • Screen Replacement: The hangover aftermath. Grab a burger and then stop to see us. We can whisper to you as we help.
  • Water Damage: Grab that phone out of the water and follow these tips.
  • Diagnostics: Are you still unsure what is wrong with your phone? Bring it in and we’ll run tests on it to find out!
  • Battery Replacement: Have you checked whether your phone battery charge can be fixed by following our helpful DIY list?
  • Speaker Repair: We want to make sure you hear your morning alarm and make all your appointments. Check out these tips before you phone us.
  • Camera Replacement: We can’t live without our selfies and we know you can’t either. Follow these helpful tips to get you back to Instagramming your life.
  • Headphone Port Repair: A workout without headphones is death. Don’t do that to yourself – try these tips instead.
  • Charging Port Repair: Can’t charge your phone and it’s on its last 5%? Call us now!
  • Power and Home Button Replacement: Don’t stay stuck not being able to turn on your phone or use it to multitask. Contact us now!
  • Unlocking: Want to travel abroad or move to a new network and still use your phone? We can give you your freedom!
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