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About Us

 SmartFixRepairCenter sell Top quality cellphone parts  Since 2009

IPhone Screen Repair

We here at  SmartFixRepairCenter have been in business since 2009. We first began as a repair shop just like yours. One repair shop grew to several and then we felt it was time to take a different approach. Troubled by the large amount of e-waste involved with repairing smartphones and tablets, we developed a method of recycling these components. Our mission today is to recycle every broken iPhone screen that comes through your shop on a daily basis.

We are located in Columbus, Ohio. Being in the midwest it allows almost every shipment to safely arrive to or from us within 2 days. We are also located in the central time zone which makes it convenient for repair shops located on both the East and West coasts.

We don’t resell the recycled components on our site, but rather after testing and recycling them we ship the raw components back to China where they can be reassembled and re-manufactured to go eventually back out into the marketplace. All of the parts we sell on our site are brand new, never used or recycled, and of either OEM or Grade A quality. These parts have been double checked to ensure your defective rate stays in the single digits. We know that in this industry you can’t entirely avoid defective parts, but as a repair shop we experienced suppliers with defective rates ranging from 30-50%! This led us to believe there was much room for improvement in this industry. Here at  SmartFixRepairCenter.com, we have mastered the art of selling quality parts at wholesale prices.

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